These boots are made for walkin’

These boots are made for walkin’, sung by Nancy Sinatra and released in 1966 when I had just mastered the clumsy toddler stage and was walkin’ with style.


However, it’s been more than 12 months since I last enjoyed a proper walk!  For as long as I can remember, I’ve walked a minimum of 20 miles a week and more often than not, at the very start of the day when the sun’s rising and all I have for company is the morning chorus of busy birds and flocks of sleepy sheep, obliviously doing their own thing.


Summer is fast approaching and it’s time to change the habit of non-walking and put my walkin’ boots back on in preparation for the St Kentigern Hospice Dawn Walk on 2nd July.  Taking part and fundraising for the Dawn Walk has inspired me to feel the rising sun again, listen to the busy birds and chuckle at the sleepy sheep as I walk by.

I’m delighted to be back on form with an old habit and these days I take my camera along with me to capture some of the wonderful sights that surround us.  I feel blessed to live in north Wales with some of the most beautiful walks in the country and spring time is a great bonus, with that extra added beauty for inspiring walks.



St Kentigern Hospice is a great local charity to support.  They are committed to meeting the needs of people with active, progressive or advanced illness.  By providing palliative care, they strive to promote the highest quality of life with continued support.

Team Mingle has a Just Giving page to promote our fundraising for St Kentigern.  If anyone would kindly like to donate in support of the Dawn Walk, then please donate on our Just Giving page:

Thank you St Kentigern for my inspiration and for putting the spring back in my step!  See you at the finish line in my made for walkin’ boots!

Sandra Donoghue


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