International Women’s Day Guest Blog By Lisa Davies From Indever

Guest blog by Lisa Davies from Indever

Todays blog is dedicated to women in business! But not just any women, this is about the women I have come across and met since being in business myself. But firstly let me share with you a little story about my experiences of being a woman in business.

Since starting my own company two years ago, I’ve definitely noticed that I get treated differently and have come across quite a bit of sexism. It’s usually from the older generation or men that like to call women LOVE and BABE a lot. You try and not let it bother you, but sometimes it does. It doesn’t really upset me, it frustrates me more than anything. Especially when I always get mistaken for the secretary or receptionist when people phone up asking for John.

And then when I make them aware that, actually this is my business too! They seem quite suprised by that notion. I’m not as bothered by it as I used to be and now I just kind of laugh to myself at how closed minded those people are! And I don’t think they will ever see past the fact that I am a woman in business, and it’s a man’s world only. And that’s their problem. There are many strong independent women who run their own businesses and here are a few that I have met!


Sandra Donoghue – I met Sandra last year and she runs a company called Mingle for Business

She also had her own very successful recruitment agency for a number of years and was very popular and well known in the North Wales area. What I admire about Sandra is that she is always out and about, going to meetings, going to breakfast networking events at something like 06:00 in the morning! 🙂 and she’s always getting herself out there and promoting not just her business, but others too!

Mingle is still a relatively new business, but already Sandra has gained many members and it is very well known and respected by business people. They are great networking events and have helped my business so much. As well as Mingle, Sandra also helps raise money for St Kentigern and is in the works of starting a new business enteprise for young people.


Judith Bond – I met Judith last year at a small networking event

Judith is a cake connoisseur, and she makes the best cupcakes in North Wales! Judith likes to work with other businesses and will make specially designed cupcakes with the company logo on the top. She recently secured a contract with Coleg Llandrillo to make all the cakes for their corporate events, which to me is amazing! I admire Judith’s passion for cake making and for securing great contracts. I honestly don’t know how Judith makes so many cakes every day! There’s a fine art to it and you must be able to have so much patience.


Look at those cakes!!! I wouldn’t even know where to start making them! John from Indever ( My business ) is currently working on re-doing Judith’s website and we can’t wait for the end result! We love working with her and her awesome business.

Teresa Carnall – I first met Teresa in 2014 when me and John first opened Indever. and

Teresa runs her own very successful marketing company in Colwyn Bay and she helps promote and market businesses across North Wales. I can’t stress enough how much she has helped me and John with ours! As well as running TBC marketing she has also set up Glasdir Skills Academy with a lovely lady called Elen.

Teresa teaches Social Media workshops and other courses to help your business. As well as all of that Teresa helps with local events, such as the 1940’s festival in Colwyn Bay, and if it wasn’t for her, there wouldn’t even be a 40’s festival. I really admire her community spirit and her dedication to Colwyn Bay and helping improve the local area. She’s a great person to be around and in very inspiring. I love continuing to work with her and look forward to future projects!




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