Janet Matthews

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About Janet Matthews

Having worked as a Business Coach & Professional Mentor for more than twenty years, Janet has helped an estimated 4,000 people change direction during her career so far.

Over the last three years Janet has supported approximately 400 new start up business owners to get up and running during their first six months of trading, and is now introducing a wider range of workshops to help small business owners to develop their business skills further.

On a one to one basis, Janet supports individuals to review their current situation, refocus their goals, and react to these goals accordingly by developing focused and structured action plans; she then supports them through this process and celebrates their successful outcomes with them.

An enthusiastic Networker, Janet is looking forward to meeting the Mingle Network mentors around the region, and will always welcome you approaching her for a chat.

Contact Information

Contact Name: Janet Matthews
Contact Number: 07519121993
Email Address: janet@janetmatthews.co.uk
Website: www.janetmatthews.co.uk